Must have mercurial aliases

I like Git, I’ve used it on a couple of projects. A year ago someone pointed me to a couple of most excellent aliases that I came to use on a daily basis. Especially the ls, ld and lds log commands.

Using relative path in django settings

The default way of working with the django settings file is to use absolute paths for such things as MEDIA_ROOT and DATABASE_NAME. While this might work well enough for a single developer who never moves his project around the filesystem, it is a true source of confusion for the rest of the developers joining the team.

Autoload Django Models When Using ./ shell

One thing that always bothered me when developing django apps is that the app itself is only half loaded in the REPL (manage shell). To be able to toy around around with your models you’d have to manually load them like so:

Using Rspec to test Ruby Modules

Ruby modules are used to group together methods, classes and contants. Ruby Docs

Vision of the World

Steve has it figuered out, and I totally agree!

Remove trailing slash using apache mod_rewrite

Either I’m a poor googler or there are is no proper example on how construct a decent RewriteRule to remove trailing slash from URL’s in apache using mod_rewrite.